The word “inox” comes from the French inoxydable. Inox steel, also called stainless steel is a ferrous alley that combines the mechanical properties of steel with high resistance to rust.

Its ability to resist corrosion by air and liquids comes from the metals in the alloy, primarily chromium, which can passivate itself, i.e., cover itself with an invisible layer of oxides, a few atomic layers thick (3-5 x 10-7 mm), capable of protecting the underlying metal from external chemical agents (source, Wikipedia).

Fratelli Misani has been a qualified supplier of stainless steel metal structural work and sheet-metal laser cutting for more than 30 years.

Stainless steel machining orders can include design or we will use the customer’s design, proposing the best, most effective solution from both a technical-functional and economic point of view. Our systems for managing stainless steel structural work guarantee precision in every construction detail for components, pipes and tanks and many other types of stainless steel structural work.

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